The first project by Ack Ack Games was supposed to bring Ravegan’s Blue Rider to macOS.

Unfortunately I got stuck between Unity and Apple; I couldn’t release it because Unity wouldn’t fix a small problem (caused by Apple’s notary stuff), and it was too much work to update the codebase to a more recent version of Unity.

This is a great example of why it’s important for game developers to have access to the source code of the engine they are using. It would have taken me 5 minutes to fix.

Blue Rider Logo
Battle your way through umpteen enemies across beautiful environments while avoiding bullets. Lots of bullets!

Blue Rider is a shoot-em-up game (shmup!) inspired by classic arcade games.

It was developed and published by Ravegan from Córdoba, Argentina, and is available on:

Blue Rider screenshot - shooting at tanks
Tanks For The Memories!
Blue Rider screenshot - on the water
On The Water
Blue Rider screenshot - the floor is lava!
The Floor Is Lava!